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Dec 15, 2008

Christmas greeting to all Islamic Fundamentalists

Merry Christmas to all Islamic Fundamentalists !

It was good to see that free expression is now alive and well in Iraq following the overthrow of the Sadaam Hussein regime. An Iraqi journalist expresssed his thanks to the US for overthrowing Sadaam ( well done lads) and for letting the country get out of control ( stupid b*****ds). He threw his shoe at Bush and called the president a dog. I can only assume he has ordered a container load of old shoes and puppies for delivery as a christmas gift to Al Qaeda's headquarters for the excellent work they have done this year in promoting the worldwide image of Islam; by shooting and bombing as many innocent people as they could.

Anyway in that spirit here is a little picture by way of a Christmas card for any Islamic fundamentalists out there. The message on the card reads;

Christmas is a time of caring and joys
Please spare a thought for your child bomber boys
Give them prezzies, food and hugs
Dont send them early to their grave like mugs.

Here's wishing you all, you Islamist dogs
A plague of locusts, boils and frogs
So a merry Christmas to Osama and crew
Your card has a dog and a shoe - up you!


Looney said...

Speaking of going to the dogs, does the UK have anything comparable to the White House website for Barney?

Bunc said...

It's good to see that Bush was really focussed during his time in office and wasn't wasting his time on unimportant things.

Perhaps Barneys page was a secret CIA attempt to get up the noses of the Islamic Fundamentalists.

I am not aware that any of our Prime Ministers have developed any such sophisticated methods for annoying Islamic Fundamentalists.

They do say though that the UK is usually a year or so behind the US in such matters so no doubt we will see such developments in the future.

Personally I would have liked to see Lembit Opek as Prime Minister then we could have had a page dedicated to the Cheeky girls as he was engaged to one of them.

Lembit is a much more serious politician than Bush as you can see here.

Looney said...

Hmmm. And you are one year behind us ...

rummuser said...

I wish to send you one email with an enclosure. This will add to your message to the Islamists. May I have your email address? You do not seem to have a 'contact' button here!

Bunc said...

Rummuser -
email to ayrshireblog@gmail.com

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