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Sep 23, 2010

Jesus on Toast and Islamic Miracle Pictures

When I came back from a short bloggers break I had intended to not do as many posts about religion and atheism and such stuff. I am drawn though it seems, like a moth with a flame, to stories and Internet stuff which shows the whackier side of religion. At least I broke my run with my last post. So with apologies to myself here we go again.

You are bound to have seen stories in magazines and on the Internet about people finding "pictures of Jesus" burnt onto their morning toast and such-like.  I had thought that this particular brand of religious fruit-and-nuttiness was confined to more eccentric Christians and , perhaps, attention seekers and out and out hoaxers.

It seems I was wrong. The predilection for seeing your own particular brand of holy symbol in some mundane everyday relic is not confined to Christians seeing Jesus.  Muslims are it, it appears , determined not to be outdone in the religious wackiness and quackery. I must admit I was surprised by this.

Islam is a religion which doesn't go in much for humour. There are numerous quotes from imams and others urging the Islamic faithful to be careful about mirth and merriment. This made my surprise all the greater. I have always assumed that at least 90% of the people who claim to find religious symbols  in vegetables were shall we say  "having a laugh" and were not entirely serious.

So when I came across the same sorts of pictures posted on a site which is serious about Islam I could only conclude that these guys take this stuff seriously. That of course makes it all the more hilarious to me. They won't see the funny side of it I'm sure.

It got me thinking though. If Muslims threaten to behead people who burn the Koran what happens if I am eating my toast and discover, after having taken a bite , that some Islamic verse has spiritually manifested and seared itself beneath the strawberry jam. Will I be damned to eternity for eating the word of God? Is this grounds for me finding suicide bombers queuing at my front door?  I hope not.

In future I must check my toast and all vegetables I consume very carefully to ensure that they are not manifesting some picture of a holy man, demi god or religious verse. Religious folk take this kind of stuff seriously you know.

Here is an example of the kind of thing I am talking about. I call this one Allah the Aubergine. I'll never touch another one again I promise.

Here is a link to a website which has quite a few similar ones - they appear to take this stuff seriously.
By the way - check out the Islamic Joke section - you'll see what I mean about Islamic humour.

For the sake of balance here is one I call "Jesus on toast"


Looney said...

I saw Darwin in the fog yesterday. ;-)

rummuser said...

That is a major problem with islam. It discourages, perhaps even bans humour!

Marf said...

That's not Jesus, that's Daniel Dennett! You can clearly see a beard on the face of the toast.

Bunc said...

Daniel Dennett ?? It's a miracle !

Bisma said...

No no no no no guys... Islam is not like as some people ar trying to show this by there imginations and their inner desires. Its a truthful and based on realities...

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