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Feb 12, 2009

Islam Wilders and Political cowards

In a previous post I wrote about the strange logic of the Dutch decision to prosecute Geert Wilders for inciting racial hatred based on a film which criticised Islam. The furor surrounding Wilders and his film "Fitna" took another twist today when he was banned from entering the UK and attending a showing of his film in the UK House of Lords.
Follow this link to see the film Fitna at Wikileaks.
Fitna also available from Liveleaks
Warning: The film Fitna contains graphic scenes of the results of terrorist and Islamist actions.

The film itself juxtaposes footage of Islamic terrorist atrocities with excerpts from the Koran and shows how Islamic Militants use the Koran to justify hate crimes against the West. In a perverse twist of logic though Wilders finds himself banned from entering the UK because his presence might incite hatred. The reason for this? Well, seemingly because there were threats that thousands of Islamic militants would come out onto the streets to protest against his presence and against the screening.

The Dutch government have protested against the exclusion of Wilders and there have been many voices raised against what is being seen as a significant affront to freedom of speech in the UK. MP's have so far though been noticeably quite and absent from the debate and it's hard not to conclude that most of them are to put it bluntly political cowards.

Islamists have the political establishment in this country completely cowed. They are afraid to be seen to support or allow any criticism of Islam. They , like the Dutch, seem to confuse race and religion.

What is abundantly clear is that there is indeed among some sections of the Muslim community, both here and abroad, a current of hatred towards the west and all it stands for. Most of us know this already and the film "Fitna" merely illustrates this, albeit very graphically.

It is vital that this is subject to open and frank debate, not with the aim of demonising all Muslims but with the aim of showing how fundamentalists are using the Koranic texts to justify their evil hatred and the indoctrination of young muslims. If this is not exposed how can it be fought?

But our politicians are afraid of such open debate. They are afraid of allowing criticism of Islam to be aired in open debate in this country. They are cowards. They would rather surrender any defence of freedom of speech than be seen to support a challenge to Islamic fundamentalism.


Anonymous said...

I am glad to see you believe in free speech. I would like to exercise my free speech by telling you that you must repent of your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. If you do this you will go to Heaven. If you don't accept Christ you will go to Hell.

Bunc said...

If you want to waste your breath wioth that nonsense then feel free.

remigius said...

Bunc. I would put money on that anonymous post being from Bob Hutton. He regularly drops by Freethinker for a Jesus dump, he picked up your blog from there. I'd recognise that twat's inane ramblings anywhere.

If you're happy to feed him you can keep him. We've been trying to get rid of that puppy for ages!

Bob said...

Yes remmy you are right, my name is Bob. I accidentally put the "anonymous" name in because I pressed the wrong key. However, I am not ashamed to say who I am. If you believe in free speech you should allow me to put Christian truth on here. The freethinker are frightened of me and delete my posts (just like Jackboot Jacquie is frightened of Geert Wilders).

remigius said...

Bob, you twat. Jackboot Jacqui isn't frightened of Geert Wilders. She is frightened of the people Geert Wilders is saying we should be frightened of!

Some people just don't get it.

Bunc said...

Remigious is right that it is about fear of Islamists not fear of Wilders.

Wilders is in many ways an inconsequential figure. The issue is about whether we have the right to openly criticize political Islam and the way that it manifests itself. It is about whether our right to do this can be closed down simply because those people claim to "take offense" and threaten to rampage on our streets.

Bunc said...

Remigious -
Everyone runs their blog differently. I intentionally encourage people of various beliefs to come here and have reasonable debate so I don't object to Bob turning up here providing his posts are on topic. As long as he engages in constructive debate then there is no problem.

I enjoy having varied views on here.

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