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Sep 28, 2010

Friendly Crocodile - maybes

Ah isn't that cute! The guy in this video is a fisherman from Costa Rica who found a very ill crocodile and nursed it back to health. It seems the crocodile was so grateful for this act of kindness that it has decided not to eat the fisherman just yet despite the fact that the man seems to be going out of his way to present himself as a human ready meal.

Call me a cynic but I reckon one day the eat him / don't eat him equation will come out differently in the Crocs thought processes and instinct will take over.


Delirious said...

That song from "Peter Pan" keeps running through my head, "Never smile at a crocodile..." ♪♫ lol

Bunc said...

You think maybe the croc ticks then D?

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