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Feb 1, 2006

Religious Hatred legislation - what nonsense

We were delighted by the news that the UK governments religious hatred Bill had suffered two defeats in the commons - although sadly this idiotic piece of legislation is still going ahead despite some amendment.
This legislation is a sop to all the looney religious fundamentalists out there whose religious beliefs are so fragile that they cannot stand up to the scrutiny of rigorous debate. This Blog for one intends to go down fighting though. We defend our right to describe religious beliefs for what they are - medieval and superstitious nonsense. This religious nonsense has been and is the cause of many of the worlds most enduring conflicts. We assert that those that swallow such religious nonsense are allowing themselves to be deluded by dangerous myths and fairy tales.

Recent years have seen the rise of two mirror image religious fundamentalisms - right wing christians who hold increasing sway in the United States and fundamentalist Muslim movements in many parts of the Muslim world. These two religions supposedly preach peace and brotherly love. Great eh? What do we see in reality? War, death , bigotry , intolerance, suicide bombings across the world, kidnappings, beheadings, oppression of women. Oh yes and a god of the Muslims who is apparently so feeble that he needs protected from some cartoons printed in Denmark. Is this the vision of the world that their God would have them create? If we believed in God we would be shouting "God help us, save us from your believers!"

So we assert our absolute right to criticise and mock the lunacy of any and all religious beliefs. To paraphrase an old saying " I will defend your right to hold your religious beliefs, but I am still entitled to tell you that you are a stupid plonker for believing them."

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