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Jan 22, 2009

Australian Muslim cleric urges marital rape

Mad Mullahs and Potty Preachers are everywhere these days it seems even in the land down under. A storm is currently brewing in Australia over a video taped lecture by Samir Abu Hamza. The lecture to young Islamic students was on the subject of having a happy marriage.

In the video of the lecture Abu Hamza tells his young male students that it is Islamic for a man to force his wife to have sex and that she cannot refuse. He contends that it is not possible that a man can rape his wife despite the fact that in Australian law as elsewhere a man can be guilty of raping his wife.

Abu hamza claims Islamic law not only permits a man to rape his wife but that it is also proper for a man to beat his wife if he resists her.

The Islamic cleric has been roundly condemned for his remarks by the Australian Prime Minister who described his position as against Australian values.

To their credit some other Muslim scholars in Australia have publicly stated that they do not agree with his interpretation of Islamic law.

A sample of the anger that Abu Hamza has provoked can be see in an article in the Australian Herald Sun

This controversy is interesting in the light of the proposed prosecution in Holland of Geert Wilders which I covered in my last post. He is being prosecuted in Holland for inciting racial hatred by criticising Islam and claiming that the Q'uran is a fascist document. In Australia we have a Muslim cleric seemingly actively promoting rape and violence in marriage but not a hint of a threat of prosecution.

It seems there is one law for lunatic religious clerics but harsher laws for those who point out that Islam is often preached with backwardness and an almost fascist mentality.


Looney said...

I always believe a husband should be loving and kind to his wife. Abuse isn't right, no matter which way it goes in the relationship.

The notion of "marital rape", however, does bother me somewhat. Is it really feasible to have the court system arbitrating over what happens in the bedroom? We could, of course, put surveillance cameras into every bedroom so that proper evidence could be gathered and a sensible ruling obtained rather than having things degenerate into the usual he said / she said dispute, but I suspect that there would be objections to this also.

Bunc said...

Looney, I am not sure that the problem you raise is any different in other rape cases eg date rape etc. Women have a fundamental right to say no whether they are in a marriage or not surely.

rummuser said...

Kevin Rudd's predecessor, John Howard created quite a stir some time ago and you may find this blog and all the comments very interesting.

You may also wish to read Susan Squire's book I dont: A contrarian view of marriage. A very interesting interview with her can be read at http://www.salon.com/mwt/feature/2008/08/09/marriage_history/

You can also read my interest in Susan and her book at http://rummuser.com/?p=706

Her book is a true journey into the history of man/woman relationships, the institution of marriage etc.

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