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Dec 8, 2008

Me and the rest of the UK now shop online

Play.com(UK) who sell games, Dvds and gifts online are like other online retailers expecting that today will be their busiest day for online purchases. Despite the problems in the high street this online retailer and others are expecting a bumper day today as UK shoppers splurge out on buying their presents and gifts online. For many people these days the prospect of browsing for Christmas presents using online shops seems to trump the thought of trudging round real shops trying to find gifts for friends and family. Online shopping may not have the Christmas ambiance of the real thing but it certainly is a bit easier on the feet and often on the wallet.

I am currently looking for an i pod Nano for my daughter and the 8gb Nano was around £109 on the high street whereas it's on sale at Play.com for £105 with free delivery. Not a major difference but every little helps. So like everyone else in the UK I am also moving a lot of my Christmas gift shopping online.

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Ramana Rajgopaul said...

Bunc, Since I became the primary care giver for my wife, over six years ago, I have done almost all my shopping online. The single biggest product group is books. My online shopping also includes using the telephone to order for home delivery of various goods which is a service quite readily available in India.

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