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Oct 20, 2008

Islamic fundamentalism is a slavering beast

Islamic fundamentalism has proved itself savage and bestial many times but seldom has it's inherent evil been so apparent as with the murder of Gayle Williams, 34, a young female aid worker in Kabul Afghanistan. There are those who like to think of the Taliban and their fellow travellers as in some way noble freedom fighters struggling against an oppressive US. This was and is a fiction.

The Taliban and their ilk in the fundamentalist Islamic movement despise and wish to destroy anything that does not find its proper reflection in their "holy books". They are prepared to bomb maim and destroy their fellow citizens and any outsider who does not conform to their fundamentalist demands. This is not freedom fighting. It is more akin to Nazism both in its dogmatic hatred of others and in its savagery.

This young aid worker was of course for them the perfect target. Not because she was easy to kill. No. She was the perfect target because she was everything that they hate and despise.

She was christian, she was a westerner, she was bringing aid to disabled Afghans and she was a lone female in a society where fundamentalists see no role for women other than locked up in the family home.

They feel no shame in this murder. To them it will seem that she was a legitimate target. Their inability to understand the evil that they do simply demonstrates how far they have slipped into the morass of bestiality.

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