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Nov 15, 2009

Would you lie to save a Jew?

PJ Meyers over at Pharyngula Blog has a great recent post which shows exactly the kind of nonsensical thinking that can come from religious literalism. He titles his post A moral Condundrum resolved but it could equally have been called "Would you lie to save a Jew".

Apparently not for at least one Biblical literalist writing on the laughable "Answers in Genesis " website. He reckons that the sin of telling a lie would have been far far worse than disclosing the whereabouts of a Jew to the Nazis.

Its worth reading the nonsense this Christian literalist wrote. If you ever thought these guys were just confused rather than mentally deranged then here's all the proof that you need. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so scary - because of course there is a long history of rabid anti-semitism among right wing Christians.

Of course I don't want to be unfair to literalist Christians here - there are fundamentalists in all religions who are as equally capable of tying themselves up in moral knots because of their literalism.


Looney said...

My problem here is that I can't lie with a straight face. Other than this, my highest priority is to preserve life.

Bunc said...

While you didnt fail to dissapoint me in your response to my previous post I must say that I expected that your response to this would be a decent one - as indeed it is.

Rummuser said...

India has its share of inter religious conflicts and inevitably, both sides produce heroes who save the lives of the opposing community during riots. It is simply humane to do so and not to do so can never be justified by any doctrinal logic.

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