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"Religion? No thanks. I prefer not to outsource my brainwashing." - Bunc
Trying to get your average Joe creationist to understand the phrase scientific theory is as hard as getting a fish to enjoy mountaineering. Its an unimagined world for them - it requires a complete reversal of their normal modes of thinking and being. The fact that humans could explain the complexities of this world without a creating God is a world view they cannot grasp. It's like asking a tuna if it appreciates the view from the top of Mount Everest. Bunc

May 14, 2009

Your illogicality is strangely appealing

Create Your Own


Delirious said...

You are having way too much fun with this. ;) lol

Bunc said...

The problem with this gadget is that it plays automatically. If I have two of them in consecutive posts and I have more than opne post showing on the main page then they both play on top of each other. I am having to re-order my posts so that this doesn't happen and so that I can have more than one post on my main page again.

Marf said...

Indeed, that would be a problem. Do you have monthly archive pages? You may still have the problem on those.

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