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Dec 18, 2008

Import and export Blogger Blog Posts

Blogger Buzz: Your blog, your data
The Blogger Team have now moved a great feature from Blogger draft to the full live Blogger system. The import and export feature allows you to export all your posts in Atom format to an XML file on your hard disc.

This itself is a great feature because now you can have a secure system for managing back ups of your posts as well as your template. As well as this though you are able to import the posts that you have exported from another blog. This allows you to easily move blog posts or sets of blog posts from one blog to another. This is an extremely useful feature.

Many bloggers will have a few dormant blogs which have posts on them which they don't want to use but where the blog itself has gone stale. This new feature will allow you to easily consolidate such posts into one blog. Better still it seems that all the comments are moved together with the posts so that you don't lose anything.

In the future it may be possible to use the XML file to move posts from one blogging system to another.

This is a very useful feature and Google are to be congratulated for this welcome improvement to Blogger.


Delirious said...

Hey Bunc, not to change the topic, but I'm interested to hear your ideas about Apophis. I'm not one of those people who think it will cause the end of the world, but I am wondering if it could have any affect on the tides or other things.

Bunc said...

I assume that you are referring to near earth asteroid 2004 MN4 which caused a bit of a stir before because earlier calculations showed that it had the highest probability of striking the earth of any nearth earth object of its type.

It's unlikely in the extreme I think that it would effect the tides because it only has a relatively small mass compared to say the earth or the moon. I think it was calculated as being something in the order of 300 to 400 m in length.

That's plenty big enough of course to cause one mighty impact if it did strike Earth but at that size on a near earth pass I doubt if we would experience any other effects noticeable to us other than by fine scientific measurement.

It's due to make a close approach around 2029 I gather and because it is a close approach I understand that it is possible that will alter it's orbit - and they will need to recalculate the odds of it hitting us in subsequent returns.

I don't know the actual figure but it would be unlikely I think if the Earth didn't get hit again by a big one given what we know of Earth History.

I wouldn't start washing and ironing your good Sunday Suit ready for "The Rapture" just yet though because it could be a long long time coming. ( we'll have probably fried due to Global warming long before the next big asteroid strike anyway ).

Delirious said...

Wow, I'm glad I talked to you. I didn't know I had to wear my Sunday suit for the rapture. ;)

That's an interesting idea that it could change it's orbit. Not being a scientific person, I never thought about that possibilty. I guess at this point, any calculations about how close it could hit are just guesses until it comes a little closer. Kind of a helpless feeling though, if it were headed straight for us, it's not like we can move aside. Although, with modern technology, we might be able to use some sort of "Star wars" weapons to blast it in to smaller chunks.

I think you are right though, we are in far greater danger of extinction by other methods. If global warming doesn't get us, nuclear war probably will.

Bunc said...

There are some problems with trying to blast it into smaller chunks.

First its would be incredibly difficult to get enough explosives on it while it was far away enough for this to work.

Second unless the explosive was incredibly powerful it would not impart enough "sideways" momentum to the individual chunks to overcome their tendancy to remain together as an aggregate.

Third even if it was blown into chunks this would be simply be likely to spread the strikes out over a larger area and each individual chunk would probably still be big enough to cause massive damage.

A better strategy might be to try to "guide" the thing into a different orbit which might be done provided that this was started early enough - ie probably in an earlier orbit or two.

I think once we know for definite that one is heading for us there would in reality not be much that we could do.

rummuser said...

How I wish that someone will come up with a similar one for WordPress!

Julia said...

I do not know if i can import the content of my page in a different site to my blog as a new post?

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