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Feb 7, 2007

Zionist argues against a Palestinian state

As the British Government is pledging £5m to fund a plan to counter extremism in Britains Muslim community(story link) we came across an article by one Morton A. Klein the national president of the Zionist Organization of America published in "The Jewish Press". (full article here). In the article Klein argues that it is not desirable for the palestinians to have a state of their own and that strategically this is not in Israel's best interests. He states that "The idea is completely flawed and mistaken."

Throughout the article he makes reference to the fact that the undesirability of a Palestinaian state is linked to the failure of the Palestinians to demonstrate their intent and ability to conduct affairs peacefully. This is undoubtedly true - as evidenced by the current internecine war between the different Palestinian factions.

But despite this cloak of truth Klein cannot help but hide his real antipathy to the existence of a sovereign Palestinian state in any shape or form , whatever the conditions.

He argues that "A Palestinian state would cost Israel strategic depth and high ground while shrinking it to indefensible borders, including a 9-mile width. Worse, a sovereign Palestinian state would have the ability to build up even larger armed forces and form alliances with other terrorists. A Palestinian state would also control a third of Israel’s vital water supply. This is not a prescription for peace. "

This is the real underlying message of the article, that under no circumstances should there be a Palestinian state. Klein reveals himself to be , in his own Zionist rhetoric, just as extremist as the Palestinians that he tries so robustly to criticise. As long as the future of the lands of Israel and Palestine is under the influence of men such as Klein (and his counter parts on the Palestinian side) there will be no peace in the middle east. There are dangerous ideologues on both sides of this issue and peace will not come until the majority refuse to listen to them.
There is no doubt though that the task of our government in discouraging Muslim extremism is made no easier by the arguments of fundamentalist zionists like Morton Klein.

1 comment:

Alasdair said...

Talk about summing it up in a nutshell ... it's a pity the 'issues' between these people's can't be resolved. Religious fundamentalism has a lot to answer for.

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