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Feb 15, 2009

The truth about Islam

In my last post I linked to a video rant by Pat Condell about the banning of Geert Wilders. Pat Condell has a series of witty and sharply critical videos covering the absurdities of religion and in particular of the appeasement of Islam that has become a feature in the West. If you haven't heard much of Pat Condell before then his video series is well worth watching.

Remigious who I think visits here from Freethinker (leave me a link to you Remigious) in a comment on my last post suggested that I should check out the "feedback" that Condell has received and so I did. Well it seems that Condell is attracting the attention of some very enlightened Islamic fundamentalist thinkers. Their "Feedback" consists largely of threats to do things to his anal orifice or to those of his mother, sister, friends and so on - oh and various beheading threats as well. Religion of peace? - my arse! The fact that their threats simply prove Condell's point is of course probably lost on them. If you want to read them for yourself then they are on the feedback section of Pat Condell's site.

Here is another video from Pat Condell in which he rips apart the idea that somehow all the problems with Islam would be solved if we all just showed it more respect. Condell shows just how farcical this idea is.

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