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May 3, 2009

creationist science a contradiction in words

This is a good video addressing so called creationist "science"


Marf said...

I think I've watched every one of this guy's videos.

Looney said...


America's education system is a catastrophe, especially with regard to math and science. California is usually near the worst at around 49th or 50th among the states, but the Darwinists have total unchallenged control here. Darwinism is all over the curriculum - to the exclusion of genuine science education. The primary thing standing in the way of school reform and a raising of standards is Darwinism.

Bunc said...

Looney - you really are loosing the plot. Its starting to sound a bit like paranoia. Maybe your tin foil hat has stopped working?

Looney said...

Bunc, you can check the rankings. This one list California at #47. America sets education standards on a state-by-state basis. You can't blame creationists for what happens here.

Then there was my kids comments on the advanced placement California biology tests: "Any answer is correct as long as it mentions evolution." Wow! Now that is impressive science!

Bunc said...

The logic of you connecting californias ranking to the fact that Evoltion is taught in California is faulty. You have failed to rule out the thousands of other potential interpretations for the poor performance and jump to asserting a causal conection.

Just to give one other plausible explanation - what about the financial problems in california.

You assertion makes no more sense than if I argued that the beaches are nicer in california compared to other states beacause they teach evolution.

Looney said...

Bunc, the reasoning pattern that evolution is true because you can't prove it wrong is infinitely more specious. No amount of funding is ever adequate for unions.

The fact is that all of the sciences - including every application of biology and geology - have been mastered by those who reject evolution. The video asserts that those who reject evolution can't master science. They are simply liars or completely ignorant of education.

You should check the last post I made from Gibbons. It seems the notion of a war between faith and science was invented by the Roman Emperor Julian - for the purpose of suppressing Christianity and restoring the worship of the Sun, Zeus, Venus, Serapis and Isis.

Looney said...

Bunc, one thing I would note from my kids experiences in biochemistry classes at California's most competitive schools: The best students by far are the pre-med ones. They go on to become medical doctors. The next tier are the chemical engineering majors. Everyone else just scrapes through.

It is something to reflect on that Creationist groups have plenty of medical doctors and engineers, while the pure biology and geology disciplines are the ones where "all scientists accept evolution".

Marf said...

@ Looney: Evolution is not accepted as true "because you can't prove it wrong". That's the same reasoning you religious types use in support of God.

It's because all available evidence and observation points to evolution being the most correct.

That's also why the pure biology and geology disciplines are the ones where "all scientists accept evolution". Because what they see on a daily basis is directly contrary to creationism.

For example, It's hard to keep believing the sky is always green when you can look up and clearly see that it's blue (or orange in the case of a sunset). That's also assuming you don't have some sort of color blindness.

Looney said...


From what I can tell, no one has ever actually come up with a definition of evolution that conforms with the requirements of a scientific theory. The only conceivable line of argument is that evolution is true because it is impossible to prove it false.

But then again, there is the legal argument that evolution is science, because any conflicting idea is religious, and therefore unconstitutional.

Bunc said...

Looney - how is it that only fundamentalists like yourself and a small handful of fairly minor fundamentalist "scientists" and "engineers" ( !!!!) dont accept that the theory of Evolution is a valid scientific theory.

Did God endow you all with some innate critical ability that has escaped the rest of the worlds population or is that learned arrogance?

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