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Nov 19, 2008

BNP Membership list leaked Scottish members

The BNP (British national Party) an extreme right wing political party with allegedly racist views are complaining that their BNP membership list has been leaked by disaffected party members. Oddly the BNP which opposes Human Rights legislation is now claiming that the leaking of the list amounts to an infringement of the human rights of their members. Hypocrisy is clearly not something that the BNP are ashamed of.

The publishing of the list will lead to problems for members who are serving members of the police force as membership has been deemed incompatible with being a serving police officer. Also on the list are teachers and other public servants.

There are a number of names on the list of people who are residents in Ayrshire in particular in Ayr, Irvine and Kilmarnock and the list contains the names and addresses of BNP members from other parts of Scotland. I don't intend to directly publish these names and addresses here but if you are interested then the full list in text form can be downloaded from wikileaks BNP membership list download

Update: I managed to download the list earlier but Wikileaks has since been giving a server overloaded error so you may have difficulty getting hold of the list at the moment.

Do you have any views on the leaking of the BNP membership list? Please leave a comment here and a link to your site or blog.


Anonymous said...

The BNP are now moaning about their human rights, that's rich coming from them.

Anonymous said...

FYI Some on the list are said to be children, If this is news to you I think you ought to find out if it is true before continuing to post the link.

The average person sympathetic to the BNP seems to be worse than those who ordered hundreds of murders in your estimation, going by the absence of the jocular tone used for the Adams/Paisley post. And if religion is brainwashing the Churches' attitude to immigrants is spot on because like every major media they are on your side.

The BNP are totally powerless to stop the now inevitable displacement of the ever dwindling native population. So don't worry; the the day most of the children in Irvine, Kilmarnock, and Ayr are black or asian (as is already the case in London) will come.

And now I've got a Burns quotation for you

Morality thou deadly bain Thy tens of thousands thou hast slain.

Bunc said...

So you are saying that the BNP are recruiting children? Somehow that doesn't surprise me.
The jocular tone used for the Adams Paisley post was used to try to illustrate a point.

As far as I am concerned both the IRA and the UDA were murdering scum. However as all sides have engaged in constructive peace process then it's time to start putting the past where it belongs - in the past.

I am not sure by what you mean by on my side - you dont really have a clue what my views are on this issue because I didn't post them.

I do believe in having controls on immigration as do many reasonable people. However I don't see the need to pose this problem in the "black menace" terms that BNP racists do.

There are legitimate debates to be had about immigration and racial issues but the BNP are not genuinely interested in that - their interest is simply in stoking racial tension.

If it walks like a fascist and talks like a fascist then it's a fascist.

LOL on the Burns quote ! From my reading of Burns I hardly think he would have been a BNP sympathiser.

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