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Feb 21, 2007

Girls are manky - its official!

Women are manky - it's official!
A University of Arizona team has found that women's workstations tend to harbour far more germs than those of their male colleagues with workstations having 400 times more bacteria than the average office toilet seat.
On average they found that women had three to four times the amount of germs in, on and around their work area. They also found that womens workstations harboured plagues of cuddly toys and small photos. ( Ok they didnt but its true!)

But men's wallets were, reportedly, the most fertile bug breeding ground of all. (We fail to see how this can be the case as women frequently claim that we refuse to open them so how do the bugs get there in the first place?)

The researchers claimed that women's habit of keeping snacks in their drawers ( !!!) could explain why their desks were more germ-ridden. Of course if women didnt sit on their desks then that would solve that problem as then their drawers would not be in contact with their desks.

Lead researcher Professor Charles Gerba found that 75% of female employees kept food in their work area. He said: "I was really surprised how much food there was in a woman's desk. If there's ever a famine, that's the first place I'll look for food."

"But if you leave food on your desktop that you would usually put in the fridge at home, then you are asking for trouble." Er duh - we wouldnt have thought of that.

Anyway come on girls its really time you cleaned up your act!

The study was commissioned by disinfectant maker Clorox.

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