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Mar 30, 2007

Strange Adsense Ads with our posts

Like many blogs the Ayrshire Blog runs Adsense on its pages, the income from which, in a couple of years of blogging, has just about managed to pay for the price of a pint of milk.

If you run a blog with Adsense like us you probably cast an eye on the Ads that come on your post pages. Now Adsense is normally very good at providing " contextual" advertising that fits well with the subject of your posts, but , occasionally it really does come up with some wacky ones. Today for example we noticed that we were getting an advert for

" Sexy rubber bracelet: Your bracelet makes you sexy" ????!!!!!

Unfortunately because of Adsense terms of service we cant actually click this ourselves to find out what this is all about. But we are left wondering - what the hell has this got to do with anything we posted?

It looks as though the post that triggered this was our post on reparations for the slave trade! So to the Adsense machine slavery equates to to Sexy Rubber bracelets? Maybe this could be the start of a new sport - spotting weird Adsense /post combinations.
Now a new sport like this needs a new name so we have decided to call it " Addling" - spotting weird combinations of Google Adsense ads and blog post subjects/contents.

The only problem of course is that because Adsense ads are so changeable it is difficult to prove that you found a particular combination. Maybe a screen shot would need to be taken as proof?

Why don't you have a little go at "Addling" those adsense contextual ads as you browse the blogosphere and let us know of any weird combinations that you come across.

1 comment:

Zebraman said...

I like it! Never really notice mine but I'll need to start checking for strange combos!

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