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Feb 18, 2008

The Creationists real Agenda

Sometimes it seems that Creationsts, Biblical literalists and their pseudo-scientific vanguard the so called Intelligent Design mob just have a thing about Evolution and the Theory of Natural selection and that the rest of the theoretical base of science is relatively immune from their fallacious ramblings. However while browsing the blogosphere I came across a link posted by Hyphoid Logic ( a self confessed mad mycologist) which illustrates just exactly how broad the agenda of the creationists/ID'ers is.

The document sets out their Anti-science anti-materialism Wedge strategy which as Hyphoid points out is clearly intended to begin with an attack on Evolutionary Theory and move on to attacking more broadly the whole edifice of science and then moving towards a theistic society. Their aim, no less, is to develop what might be called Theistic science under the umbrella of so called "design theory".

To anyone who knows even a little about science it is clear that "design theory" is little more than a "god did it" statement wrapped up in pseudo-scientific clothes. It's any empty vessel devoid of any experimental or observational evidence. The problem however is that our populations are not very scientifically literate and if we are not careful these people will find ways to spread this idiocy like a viral meme. Clearly this is what lies behind their attempts to challenge the education curriculum in the US. First they came for the biologists, then they will come for the biochemists, then for the physicists and the cosmologists .... and then?

Having read this document I feel the hairs on the back of my neck beginning to stand on end. These people really are crazy enough to want to overturn a few hundred years of human progress and return us to the dark ages. Be afraid people, be very afraid.


Looney said...

Um, I believe the "dark ages" were also invented (ID'ed?) in the 19th century as a bit of historical revisionism. After Washington Irving invented the flat earth theory, clever minds needed to explain how the Greek understanding of a spherical earth was lost. Hence, a fictitious period in history was fabricated and called the "dark ages".

Scary stuff indeed!

You really ought to fetch a little book called "Inventing the Flat Earth: Columbus and Modern Historians" by Russell. He is a highly regarded history professor. There are plenty of reviews of this out there including one from The Ethical Atheist.

Benjamin Fennell said...

I've seen enough of this sort of thing here in America, in particular under George W. Bush. He's been putting government funding into religiously-oriented "faith-based initiatives," and an ever-increasing onslaught on science through the "Intelligent Design" debate, when the concept of Intelligent Design holds no real basis or water in a serious discussion. Even basic things we should be pushing more - like sexual education - are being undermined by more puritanical efforts through abstinence-only education, which has been proven not to be remotely effective repeatedly. These are indeed frightening times.

Livingsword said...

You have gathered some interesting thoughts here….

I’m curious, when you speak of an “agenda” is this supposed to be similar to when fundamentalist say “the gay agenda”?

Also it seems you are using ad hominem attacks against them (such as saying they are spreading “idiocy” and the fear mongering at the end of the article) instead of simply wrestling with their ideas. These weaken your arguments…and make it seem very fundamentalist.

You also seem to have an elitist viewpoint of your own intelligence, every body else is not scientifically literate or intelligent enough to see thru this “agenda”?

If the theory of evolution is the fittest will it not survive?

…and no I’m not a fundamentalist….

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