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Feb 14, 2009

Islam and Free Speech

This video polemic on the recent banning of Geert Wilders makes some very powerful points about the stranglehold that religion increasingly has on our political life. If you read the comments that have poured in to many newspaper sites, blog sites and other places it is clear that there is widespread public concern about the governments recent actions in backing down when faced with threats of Islamic violent demonstrations. There is real muddle and confusion on this issue and we are seeing the sad sight of supposedly left and liberal politicians preventing free dialogue and protecting a fascist ideology from criticism.

As others have noted it is like claiming that Jews in Germany needed to be stopped from criticising the Nazis because this might provoke Nazi violence. Shut the victims up rather than tackle the real perpetrators of hate and bigotry now seems to be the preferred position of our political parties.

1 comment:

remigius said...

Pat Condell is always great value for money. I pretty much agree with everything he says. If you have an hour to spare then check out the death threats on his website.

They are bloody hilarious!

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