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Sep 4, 2006

The state of the World: Good guys and bad guys

We appear to live in an increasingly polarised world not only in terms of international politics but also internally in relation to the nature of the debate that we have with each other about foreign policy and other matters. In this debate there is a tendancy to reject all arguments and facts produced by the other side and to demonise the other as mad, bad or even evil.
In the West this can often be seen in the sort of self-loathing commentary that comes sometimes from that part of liberal left which has a knee jerk tendancy to see western (and often zionist) conspiracy behind every world event. This is mirrored by their counterparts on the right who tend to lump everyone who takes up arms in dispute with US back governments as "terrorists" and "fundamentalists".
For those who support Israel the Arabs are simply politically backward, incapable of conducting their own affairs and willing to keep their own populaces in order by using Israel as a bogey man.
For those pro-Arab supporters the mess in the Middle East is simply a consequence of bad American foreign policy and and aggressive land grabbing Israeli state.

Too often those who take part in or read or listen to such debate have their minds firmly closed before the debate is even engaged. Perhaps this is the nature of human society. we tend to see ourselves as belonging to one camp or the other and our tendancy is therefore to dismiss outright everything coming from the other camp.

Have we learned so little as a human race? Is the state of our education system so fundamentally flawed that we have raised generations of people who are so naively accepting of propaganda that they are unable to see shades of grey in this world?
Are we so blind to rationality that we are unable to grasp that there can be both truth and falsehood on all sides of a political debate?

It is as though we are all issued with glasses at a young age. Some get the glasses with the left eye blacked out and they spend their whole life wandering around in a world seen only by the right eye. Others are issued with glasses with the right eye blacked out and percieve the world only through their left eye.

Its time to remove the glasses. Its time to see the world as it is - full of shades of grey. A world in which seldom does one side have the total monopoly on right or wrong. Even the most brutal and evil men sometimes reveal in their actions historical faults which have allowed them into the position they have reached. Hitler was undoubtedly evil. However his rise revealed the truth that the war settlement after World WAr 1 had been unfair to Germany and left her vulnerable to the rise of extremists. So too are there lessons in the rise of Bin Laden and Alqaeda.

Example after example of this could be given - on all sides of the political spectrum. Perhaps if you cant see it you should take of those glasses for a while friend and see the world as a whole. Perhaps you might even want to shut your most used eye and try seeing things for a short time with the other. It might be educational. It might just save the human race.

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