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Feb 18, 2007

Scamming the scammers - a little light relief

On a lighter note than some of our other posts here is one to make you chuckle. Have you ever recieved one of theose scam emails from someone ( usually someone in Nigeria claiming to be a government official) suggesting that you help them release some money and promising to cut you in on the deal? Thousands of people actually get do caught by these scams.
Well theres a web site where a large group of people have taken to scamming the scammers and they post up on the web site the email correspondance involved.
Laugh? We nearly died! Particluarly recommended - follow the Letters archive link on the site and look for "The tale of the painted breast" , also have a look at " Carving for cash" ( brilliant) in the same list.
The website is 419eater.com

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