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Feb 1, 2006

Danish Cartoons

Here is one of the danish cartoons - this is copied from http://michellemalkin.com/archives/004413.htm where you can see the rest of them. Defend free speech!!! Dont submit to medieval religious fundamentalism!


Karl, London said...

You are right to show this cartoon. It seems to me that the islamic world has double standards. Try being a practising christian in some islamic countries and you will find out all about islamic peace and tolerance.

Anonymous said...

I saw this comment on the BBC web site and saw this site,s copy of the cartoon..Hadam Hiram, Phoenix "Islam prohibits not only caricatures of the prophet, but any art which depicts a living thing. Like the rest of Islam, these 'divinely ordained' and forever immutable rules are highly indicative of the religion's complete incompatibility with 21st century technology, knowledge, progress, and human civilization in general. Prohibiting expression in any form is a violation of liberty whose sole purpose has only ever been to give those wealthy men in power control over women and the poor."

Having read numerous comments from either side I have to agree wholeheartedly with Hadam.

Most organised religious heirarchys are male and through their formation, all have at certain stages of their existance responded to percieved threats with the same tools.ie.hysteria, restriction of free speech,threats of death and violence,and the persecution and dehumanisation of other persons and cultures. Consequently the alleged "god given" right to murder and terrorize those remaining non believers into submission become the accustomed norm.

Whilst in the West the religious heirarchary may remain the same, secularism has not allowed any church to exercise the power it once had....Result? democracy...challenge and experiment..mistakes and enlightment..education and progress .. agreed restraints and freedoms.

Neither has secularism in the West lead to the death of relgion, rather it has provided an environment whereby the devout and the wierd can co-exist as long the other does not try to enforce their ideas by means of violence.

It may not be the perfect system but in an in an imperfect world it has at least created an environment where all regardless of faith colour etc, have been provided with the right to live as they see fit.All that is asked is the willingness to respect the very laws that protect them.

It does not however provide the right to have your faith never questioned or made subject to political satire, especialy when images of flagburners and victims of suicide bombings dominate the media. Most of the Muslim responses to this percieved threat are not dissimilar to those that were in place that were in place at the time of the Catholic Inquistion.Whilst Heretic was used rather than infidel in days gone the main aim remains the same ie to destroy any challange to the established pro quo..and supress the mass populace through superstious fears.

Had the Muslim resonse been to voice concerns over the dangers of possible stereotyping then many non believers may have had some empathy for their concerns.The current overreaction to the cartoons only serves to symbolise and re-inforce the evergrowing negative image of Islam. The improvement of such is the responsibility of those who claim Islam to be a religion of peace and tolerance..Where are you voices?

Iam proud to I live in a society whereby my rights especially as a woman are enshrined by laws without interference from any religious establishment.I do not have my conduct and dress dictated by mysogny and although my society is less than perfect it strives to be just and compassionate and will continue to evolve through challenge and debate. I am free to vote and voice my opinion, unlike many muslim women and have established means to seek protection and to resolve and learn from my mistakes without fear of violent reprisals.

Had the Christian church retained its power from the past I as a woman would have had no recourse to determine my owm life and would be condemmed to obey rules that some archaic mystic from the past invented after having been spoken to by voices outwith or having seen some godly sign. EH? excuse me but isnt that the common symptoms for schizoprenia.

irate westerner said...

Karl Marx once stated "Religion is the opium of the people" having witnessed the sight of FLAG BURNING and muslim hysteria in resoponse to legitimate concerns old Marx< prophecy is all too true.

Matt .Norfolk said...

well done..keep the cartoons on display..as a democratic society we must at all costs fight for our freedom of expression.The ability to poke fun at all regardless of status is an essential safety valve and a viable means of public scrutinity.YOU DONT LIKE IT DONT SIGN UP FOR IT AND GO AND LIVE IN AN ISLAMIC STATE.

Anonymous said...

Everyone was in up and arms when prince harry wore the jacket with the swastikas. Muslims have a right to protest against this. Freedom of speech is all good but not to the extent where it offends and insults other people.

jahangir, bradford

marta Hull said...

Is it only me that finds the muslim way of ptotest extremely disturbing, Burning flags..slogans shouting out beheading and violent revenge...Seems to me they are badky missing the point and have only themselves to blame for their current image.

gregory said...

Does anyone remember the Rushdie affair..burning books seemed to be flavour of the month that time and death threats.The offence then was to write about old Mohammed and the offence now is to link his image with suicide bombimg.Muslim response? burning of flags and death threats.Religon of love and peace..eh somehow dont think so... Either that or its the Imans that are reading different Q,urans..wonder who wrote them? Whatever the problem the muslim communities world wide should have responded more appropriately for I have no confidence in people who think it perfectly acceptable to rant and rave for someone to be killed.But then again remember the Afghan women that were publically executed in the football pitch which was bought and paid for bought and paid for by the West.No up until the Muslim world bans these archaic and ungodly rules thr right to free speech should be defended or it will be the death od us all.

Karen..Scotland said...

All the cartoons did was to display public perceptions and fears of the muslim mindset at the current time in a humourous way.That should have provoked a proper debate over the plight of all decent law abiding muslims world wide. But no once again pictures of violent response is all that we see.Is it little wonder then that Islam is viewed so negatively by us non-believers.

Cathy, Kilmarnock said...

Its really concerning seeing what is being done in the name of a "peacefull religion". I agree very much with what Gregory said. Muslims must understand that not everyone shares their view of the world. The paper may not have been wise to publish the cartoons in the current climate but I am afraid that once more the intolerance of some Muslims to anyone elses beliefs is being demonstrated.

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