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Feb 7, 2007

Suicide attacks planned in Pakistan

Pakistan's security agencies are reportedly warning of more terrorist strikes aimed at high-value targets just a day after a suicide attack on Islamabad's airport killed one and injured several securitymen. A suicide attacker blew himself up in the car park of the airport, killing himself and injuring 10 people - the fifth suicide attack aimed at security officials in the last 15 days.

Pakistan is the latest in a long list of countries suffering from this terrorist tactic and these attacks are evidence that the militants are increasingly targetting Pakistan itself rather than exporting their terror to other countries.

Militants are reported to have plans targetting hotels and buildings used by VIPs in retaliation for military operations in Pakistan's restive south Waziristan (Daily Times citing intelligence reports.)
It is reported that extra security arrangements are being put in place around sensitive places and VIPs. Of the 10 suicide missions two are reported to have been assigned to female bombers, aimed at VIPs.
According to another intelligence report, the police are on the look out for some militants who have moved into Rawalpindi with explosive material.

These reports and the suicide attacks provide further evidence of the pressing need for Pakistan to try to bring some order and control to the areas of its territory which have proved a hot bed for militants. This will not be an easy task though and it may well be that there will be many more such attacks before the situation can be brought under control.

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