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Feb 23, 2009

God and other Top Shelf Stuff

In the UK the phrase "top shelf reading material" conveys a meaning which is probably not really what Muslims had in mind when they insisted that the Koran had to go on the top shelf in public libraries.

It was a post by Looney which drew my attention to the story that Muslims had been annoyed at finding the Koran on lower shelves in Public libraries. Their argument goes something like this - it's the word of god, so its the top banana of books, so it goes on the top shelf. QED really. You have got to hand it to religious folk - they sure are hot on logic.

And libraries with equally devastating logic have decided that as good multicultural institutions they must put any other Holy Books up there on the top shelf also. So up there we go with the Koran, the Bible the Baghavad Gita and all that other religious stuff. Can't have one holy book being higher than the others can we? Maybe while we are it we could put all the Theology books up there as well. After all how many young minds have been ruined by spending years over that philosophical navel gazing! Best if we get all that on the top shelf as well.

The top shelf is of course where we put other stuff that society thinks needs to be kept out of reach of children. Naughty adult mags and books ? - On the top shelf in the newsagents and the libraries well out of reach of the kids.

We won't even have to get different top shelves so that we can tell the adult stuff and the "Holy" stuff apart. Luckily, it's not that hard to tell the difference because while the Holy stuff tends to have lots of sex it also has a lot more xxx rated graphic violence than the other naughty adult stuff.

Anyway, well done Muslims for helping to rid our bottom shelves of material that might tend to corrupt the minds of younger readers. Hopefully the lower shelves can now be used for less harmful reading material.


Looney said...

A good post-modern solution would be simply to define all the shelves as top shelves - just as all the kids in schools now are top performers, no matter how well or poorly they do.

Would it cause much consternation in the UK if people were looking for porn magazines on the top shelf and came across a copy of The Purpose Driven Life instead?

Puddock said...

I came across this when I had a temporary job in a national bookshop chain. I was shown round the shelves and when we got to the religion section I was told that when I was tidying that section, the Koran had to go first, before any other holy book.

I was shocked, or I would have been if I cared about religion. As it was, I just ignored the religion section altogether and let the holy books fight it out amongst themselves.

Like the new look for the blog, by the way!

Bunc said...


"Would it cause much consternation in the UK if people were looking for porn magazines on the top shelf and came across a copy of The Purpose Driven Life instead?"

Maybe not as much consternation as someone looking for the Koran and finding the porn mags!

Bunc said...

Puddock nice to hear from you. I like your image of the Holy books fighting it out among themselves. It sort of mirrors the real world doesn't it?

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