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Jul 10, 2007

Muslim reaction to recent attempted terrorist attacks

Sadly the Muslim reaction in general to the recent unsuccessful terrorist attacks in the UK has been all too predictable. There must be some within the Muslim community who have other views than the ones we hear on the TV but the "Muslim community leaders" and the Muslims that attend debates on these issues seem to trot out the same old rubbish as always.

Broadly they seem to have the following views in various combinations;

a) The "It wasn't me guv approach" - this is the line that says well they were just bad individuals so no other Muslim bears any responsibility ( er what about this Ummah thing then?)

b) The "Your just picking on us" approach - different variations of this one including making us feel guilty that airport security might actually be searching Muslim looking Asian men and burkha clad women. (Oh heavens I mean its not as though its Muslim men who have been attacking us now is it)

c) The "I don't agree with terrorism but..." line. This one is usually followed by cries of victimhood in which the names Iraq and Afghanistan are uttered. This ignores of course the inconvenient fact that the thousands dying in Iraq and to a lesser extent Afghanistan are in fact being killed by their Muslim "brothers". It also suggests that of course everything would be OK if only the UK would withdraw from Iraq ( all the better to leave the Iraqi "brothers" free to engage in completely unfettered slaughter I suppose?)

d) The "Islam is a peaceful tolerant religion" line ; except of course that if we write or draw something they don't like they are out on mass on the streets threatening to behead us. (Funny that because they only managed to get about 500 out on the streets of Glasgow recently to protest about the recent attempted attacks) . And of course dont try taking a Bible to Saudi Arabia. ( Not that I would want to )

e) The " well its wasn't really Muslims what done it, it was the CIA" This line is fueled of course by the Internet conspiracy nut jobs who just love to gain a bit of cyber-credibility by posting the most ludicrous conspiracies. (I actually saw one suggesting the Glasgow attack was a set up. I posted a comment mocking it and when I went back to check some days later they had taken the post down. Even conspiracists sometimes realise how ludicrous they seem.)

Now there is no doubt that there are many ordinary decent Muslims and there must be many who can see how ludicrous dangerous and medieval their religion is being made to look. But there is a yawing silence from the UK Muslim community on these issues which appears to imply that they consent to these nonsensical excuses. If that is indeed the case then we are in deep trouble.


Anonymous said...

Twa Dugs

"not the pub"

The "real Muslims" the ones that profess the bombers are going against the faith really need to be seen to be taking affirmative action.

In other word turning the radical/suspected amongst them in to the police. Otherwise it could turn people against them, people that normally do not care what faith you are.

Max said...

Hi! I agree with you: those lines are no longer acceptable: if the muslim community does not accord with their brother's actions then they should stand up and say: "Basta!"...and cease the accusations against the western countries which do nothing else but pad them on the back! I have nothing against the muslims (in fact I am totally against the terrorist label imposed on the whole community)but sometimes I think that they're too lineant towards their so-called "Islam-brothers"!

Come visit me:


Anonymous said...

brilliant post and all too true.

Abdelilah Boukili said...

Hi Bill,
As you know moderation is the best policy. Extreme measures just begets feud. We may be different but we aren't alone. It's imperative to live and let live.

scrapion said...

When the Muslim community is growing at an ever increasing pace within our country we cannot ignore the fact that they are also getting stronger. The more they act the “victim”, the more the sympathetic and frightened citizen of the UK will support them. The problem we have in this country is laziness. Where the Muslim is a strict and devout follower of his/her belief they will stand nose to nose with any one trying to accuse or infiltrate their ancient beliefs to the point of death; whereas the average British person is lazy when it comes to politics or religion. Rather than pulling together like the Asian communities and defending our point on the higher ground, we will just have a back stabbing moan in closed doors then we will tootle off to the local pub or club for a skin full. At the end of the drink fuelled evening we will then replicate the Muslims of Iraq and start kicking seven bails of sh*t out of each other until some one gets killed; no difference. I am an English man through and through and I believe we are living in time where we are controlled solely by the media and we have become lazy armchair revellers to lazy or scared to stand-up for our nations beliefs. Where is our western churches when is come to needing passionate opposition to counter beliefs. Do we ever see the Catholics, Church of England or even the Jehovah Witnesses parading the streets with their leaders demanding resolutions or answers? No we don’t, we are to blame for letting then into the country and we are to blame for allowing them to rule as if they are still in their country. Where does the answer lie?

Please vist my Blogspot at:

Bunc said...

To Readers,
Googles bots for some unknown reason seems to have flagged this blog as a spam blog. Anything less like a spam bog is hard to imagine. I am currently waiting on Google using a human being t review the blog so that I am able to post again. Please bear with me.

Anonymous said...


Bunc said...

Anonymous - it certainly must have taxed my brain more than your inane comment. Heres a tip - engage brain before mouth!

Anonymous said...

The relationship betwixt UK as USA proves to be dire,on account USA turn its back on international as domestic law. Military Might then used in achieveing aims (to feed monster it having created) taking ever more of planets resources... Leaving a trail of destruction as injustice, worldwide... .. .

Bunc said...

I have no wish to defend everything the US does. The problem with US foreign and military policy is that historically it seems to vacillate between isolationist disengagement and clumsy interventionism.

Nevertheless we would do well to remember that it was their intervention in regard to Kosovo for example that thwarted continuing ethnic cleansing there much of it directed at Muslims.

It is feeble minded to simply lay the blame for all the worlds ills at the door of the US. In the Muslim world for example it is about time that sensible Muslims started to stand up and denounce the backwardness of thought of some of their religious leaders, rulers and politicians.

Anonymous said...


Bunc said...

Anonymous - just a tip for you. When posting a comment please take the CAPS button of. It makes your comment harder to read and in the internet is interpreted as shouting - which you dont need to do here as I am happy to hear any pointsthat you wish to make. Ok?

Anonymous said...

THE HEARING BE NOT IN QUESTION... UNDERSTANDING BEING OF CONCERN. However I take your point,as must YOU be it parent as others in your life the then as now SHOUTING but a substitute,for a SOUND spanking.

Bunc said...

Anonymous - if you make your points with reason and sound argument then understanding is much more likely to follow. :-)

Anonymous said...

Try telling such to the usa as uk govts...as their military forces. Let them see the light of wisdom as depths in understanding...... Yet in truth most like you having long since come to the realization such efforts be pointless.One may go into the reasoning for present circumstances,yet it would not change matters.The Public opinion be so strongly against the horror committed on islamic nations, USA returns to which more digestable propagana.Seeing Russia as great evil,of course the uk govt ever the faithful usa poodle will toe propaganda line.For humanity it be climate change will remove us from planet,for a period till it heals itself,yet being more possability that future stupidity of the usa, will result in nuclear warfare. It maybe NOT climate change in ending this chapter of human development.

Bunc said...

Public opinion in th ewest is a very fickle thing. The western public (and media) is quite capable in my view of turning a "winnable" situation into one where we talk ourselves into defeat.

As for "illegal" actions I wouuld be interested to hear what laws you think were broken? In regard to Iraq Sadaam Hissein persistently broke the terms of the peace agreement following the first Gulf war and in my view the failure of the West was partly not having taken firmer action at an earlier stage.

As for what is going on now in Iraq I think you need to talk to the zealots on both the sunni and shia sides of the Mislim community if you want to see any resolution to that problem.
You may wish to check out the latest figures for deaths in Iraq ( available from the BBC website) which show a massive drop in casualties recently as a result of the surge.
Public opinion in ythe werst has turned against the war in Iraq and Afghanistan in part because people are ggetting fed up seeing our sons dying trying to stop Muslims killing each other.

And I wouuld remind you again that both in Iraq and Afghanistan there were massive turnouts for elections s it is clear that there is a desire for democracy in those countries. It is fundamentalist muslims who cant stomach this and who are detremined to use violence that is the cause of the horror in both countries at the moment.

Oh and by the way as for "illegality" - you may need reminding that we are in Afghanistan as a result of a UN decision and with the full support of the UN.

Anonymous said...

I Cant agree with your viewpoints yet accept your right giving such. For me deaths of british american as iraqi afghan being pointless.

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