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Feb 2, 2008

Iraq terrorism plumbs new depths of inhumanity

After the recent years of terrorism in Iraq I really did think that nothing much that the Islamic Jihadists there could do would suprise me. Their inhumanity and contempt for their fellow human beings has been apparent with every bombing and beheading that has taken place.

The recent bombings in the pet markets in Baghdad plumb new depths though. How hard did the Islamic scholars of the Jihadi movement have to look in the Koran to find a justification for using two mentallly disabled young women as mules for their bombs? Is this really what Islamic Jihadism stands for - the use of innocent people who are incapable of rationally making such a decision to blow up hundreds of people?

The barbarism of these Jihadists knows no limit. They are clearly capable of any atrocity imagineable. There should be outrage across the Muslim world at the actions of these evil Jihadists. Surely the time has come for the whole Muslim world to say enough and to route out these devils in their midst.

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