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Sep 11, 2010

Remembering the 9/11 Twin Towers attacks

No-one who witnessed the attacks on the twin towers as they were beamed live on TV around the world will ever forget the impact and horror of that event. It's also hard to forget the reaction in many parts of the Muslim world at the time - Muslims dancing in the streets, celebrating the horrific attacks and either excusing the terror perpetrated by their brethren or suggesting that the whole thing was some sort of western conspiracy.

The reaction to the proposals for building a mosque and Islamic centre near to the Twin Towers site is understandable. Not only were the attacks perpetrated by terrorists in the name of Islam but we witnessed people in many Islamic countries celebrating the horror.

One would think that Muslims in America would be sensitive to these issues and might have found a better location for their Islamic centre. Unfortunately sensitivity seems to be a one way street with Muslims.  We must not prevent them building Mosques or burn their holy book but they are free to riot around the world. celebrate terrorist attacks on us, threaten to kill christians and burn bibles with impunity.

On this ninth anniversary of 9/11 I'll be remembering the dreadful events that lead to the deaths of almost 3000 innocent people as a result of the actions of Islamic fundamentalists.  The saddest thing now is how little has changed - Muslims still are acting as though they are the only people in this world entitled to be treated with sensitivity.  We must all bow the knee it seems to the religious sensitivities of Muslims but dare not demand of them that they show sensitivity in return.

In the nine years since those attacks one thing has become clearer and clearer - that Islam is not fundamentally a religion of peace but a religion that will seek to dominate all others. A religion that seeks to control and suppress hard won human rights and freedoms.

This year we are reminded though, through the actions of an obscure US pastor, that religious fanatics are not found exclusively within Islam.  Here's to a more peaceful future which is less dominated by pompous self righteous god-bothering religious groups.


Delirious said...

It goes even deeper than that. The media in America wants to down play the event, and for quite some time after it happened, they didn't show any video of the event. The building of this mosque is more of a political move than mere innocent worship.

Bunc said...

I think most people are relieved that he didn't burn the book. One would hope though that reasonable Muslims will ponder on the reaction to the threatened burning in some Muslim Countries.

Rummuser said...

Your observation of the two way street equation is sadly not receiving the attention that it deserves in all this frenzy.

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