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Jan 23, 2009

Top Ten Experience Days - what are yours?

Virgin have revealed their top ten "Experience days". Experience days are pre-packaged experiences that are often given as gifts in the UK. I don't know if other countries have this kind of thing but they have become quite popular over here.

I decided I would list their top ten experience days here and say which ones that I would personally choose if I wanted to get one as a gift and which ones I might think about giving to someone else. I would be interested what others think about this top ten.

What would you choose or give?

1.Flying Lessons
(Introductory Flying Lesson Cost £80.00 Extended Flying Lesson Costs £165.40 )
A flying lesson and learning to fly has got to be on my top spot for something to do one day so I am not surprised that this tops the Virgin experience day list. I don'y know how many lessons it takes to learn to fly but I bet it's not cheap. I was pretty good at Microsoft FlightSim - I wonder if they count that. ( I promise not to fly into any buildings)

2. Supercar Thrill Ride (Driving a super car) ( Costs £96.89 )
Another one for the boys mostly I think. There's a choice of Aston Martin, Ferrari or the new Audi R8. Spoilt for choice really. I don't really pine for a supercar in real life as I think they are over the top but it is bound to be great fun having a bash in one for the day. Not sure if this would be my personal number 2 though. I can think of at least three people that would probably have this as their number one.

3. Helicopter Flying Lessons
( Introductory Helicopter Lesson £160.00 Extended Helicopter Lesson £259.36)
Hmmm. I think that this might actually be my personal number one favourite. Flying a helicopter is harder than flying a plane ( at least it is on MS FlightSim !) but I reckon its got to be one of the all time highs to actually be able to fly one of these things. On balance I think this just pips it at number one for me. I know someone else who would have this as their number one too I think.

4. Deluxe Makeover ( costs £25.00 )
I would love one of these! No - I am only kidding. They would need to use an industrial sandblaster and Portland cement to make me look any good. This is one for the wife or girl-fire-end I reckon. Maybe a Valentines gift or something like that. It's not that I couldn't do with a makeover but I doubt that they could do much with me for the money they are charging.

5. Relaxation Day Experience for two Cost £80
Judging by the list of facials and treatments on offer with this one it's another one for the girls. nail manicures are not really my thing. I am a bit of an unreconstructed bloke that way. Wouldn't be on my list but I guess if you treated the wife and her best pal to this you could get away with being a plonker for at least the next two weeks. LOL

6. Sphereing for Two £57.74
This one involves getting stuck inside a big plastic sphere and rolled about and pushed down a hill so that you go head o-v-e-r h-e-e-l-s until your breakfast covers the inside of the plastic sphere.
Then they take you out and hose you and the sphere down. Then you get inside and do it again. Not only that but you get to take a friend and cover them in your breakfast. Not too sure about this one. It would be cheaper just to climb inside the washing machine and set it to eco wash I think.

7. Arsenal Tour for Two Emirates Stadium Tour £24.47
What????!!!! You got to be kidding me Virgin. No no no no no. Arse-e-nal - my arse. Er no thanks very much. Not on my list. Not my idea of a day out. They would have to pay me to take a tour of Arsenal stadium.

8. Theatre and Dinner for Two | Theatre Package Standard £65.00 Deluxe £132.12
One for the more refined and cultured among us which rules me out. Actually I wouldn't mind this one but it depends on the show I suppose. If you want to impress the girlfriend or the wife with how smooth, sophisticated and cultured you are then I guess this has to be the one.
" Actually luvvie, I was just saying to Sir Andrew Lloyd-Weber the other day that ...."
Actually it's probably not bad value for a west end show.

9 . Silverstone Race Track Day £96.89
10. Silverstone Aston Martin Thrill £96.89

These last two are variations on a theme with number ten just being a particular choice that you can make if you go for number 9. More fast car stuff.

It makes me wonder what kind of experience days I would set up if I had a company like Virgin. I bet I could come up with some really zany ones. Hmmm I can feel another post coming on ....


Delirious said...

My niece just got back from her honeymoon. She said her favorite activity was parasailing.

Bunc said...

Parasailing sounds like a good one as well. Thats modern women for you - offer them a makeover experience and tehy opt for the parasailing every time.

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