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Aug 16, 2006

Iran Holocaust cartoons - on Ayrshire Blog

Iran has staged an exhibition of Holocaust cartoons. We previously posted one of the Danish cartoons - first because there is an issue of free speech and second because the Danish cartoons were a reasonable commentary on the mindset of islamist fanatics.
Iran in retaliation ran a Holocaust Cartoon competition. Now clearly this was done simply as a spoiler and intentionally by the Iranian President to give offense about the Holocaust. But never mind it gives us the opportunity to show that we do believe in free speech and that we do not respond to cartoons by calling for beheadings. So in the interests of fairness here is what I understand to be one of the Iranian Holocaust Cartoons. I put it up in the interests of free speech and because like the Danish cartoon I think this Iranian holocaust cartoon has something valid to say - this time both about the Iranian and the Israeli mindsets.

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