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Trying to get your average Joe creationist to understand the phrase scientific theory is as hard as getting a fish to enjoy mountaineering. Its an unimagined world for them - it requires a complete reversal of their normal modes of thinking and being. The fact that humans could explain the complexities of this world without a creating God is a world view they cannot grasp. It's like asking a tuna if it appreciates the view from the top of Mount Everest. Bunc

Aug 17, 2006

9/11 conspiracies?

Travelling round the internet you cant help coming up against people keen to advocate conspiracy stories about 9/11. I have seen a few now - some raise questions that at first sight look convincing so I have decide I need to look into this a bit more. Conspiracy theorists tend to be more zealous than those with no axe to grind. I found a good link to a very level headed rebuttal of some of these conspiracy theories. Its here Worth a look.

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