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Apr 17, 2007

BBC's Alan Johnston kidnapped still

Alan Johnston banner

This blog has been critical before about the BBC's attempt to keep secret the Balen report which it is understood was an analysis of its middle east coverage. At times the BBC has seemed very reluctant to call the terrorist spade a spade and still in reports there is a tendency to use terms like "insurgents" for people who are blowing up scores of innocent people.

Nevertheless the plight of Alan Johnston the BBC reporter kidnapped in the Gaza is a real concern. Some have described him as a "friend" to Gaza - which is not exactly the role for a BBC journalist. Whatever the criticisms about BBC journalism the fact remains that all parties in conflict zones benefit from the work of dedicated journalists and it does only harm to all sides if they cannot do their job without fear of kidnap and murder.

Alan Johnston had to be a brave man living and working in Gaza and it is clear from the reaction to the kidnapping that he was well respected.

Only the most irrational terrorists could imagine that any good would come from his kidnapping and (fingers crossed that recent reports are not true) his murder.

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