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Apr 12, 2007

Morocco - 4 suicide bombers die

On Tuesday three suicide bombers blew themselves up in Casablanca Morocco and another was shot by police. A Moroccan security official told Arabic newsite Elaph on Wednesday that the explosives they used were the most powerful employed by militants so far.

"At the moment there are still many militants who are free and among them are many would-be suicide bombers," he added.

Four alleged militants died Tuesday in the police operation in Casablanca. The indications are that they had not yet identified a target to attack and other reports have suggested that the men were going around all the time with their suicide vests - we are not clear if this has yet been substantiated as true.

One of the dead terrorists was wanted in connection with the 2003 Casablanca terror attacks which killed 45, including the 12 suicide bombers.

A fourth member of the alleged terrorist group assumed to be involved in the March 11 bombing on an internet cafe in the city injured five people as he also blew himself up on Tuesday evening.

The suicide explosions happened in the al Fida neighborhood after an anti-terror security operation on Tuesday morning.

The first suspect blew himself up early Tuesday as he was about to be arrested.
The second was shot by police and died of injuries.
The third suspect blew himself up in the afternoon and killed a policeman and injured another person.

Two of the dead terrorists were identified as Mohamed Rachidi and Mohamed Mentala.

The men were suspected of involvement in the bombing of an Internet cafe in Casablanca on 11th march— which killed the alleged suicide bomber and injured four others in Casablanca's poor Sidi Moumen neighbourhood. Over 30 suspects have been arrested on suspicion of involvement in the March 11 bombing, including Youssef Khoudri, accomplice of the suicide bomber, Abdelfattah Raydi.

1 comment:

MoRocco said...

It so bad that thing like this are happining in such a beautiful country as Morocco.. It has great chance for a rapid development as people from all over the world are starting to recognize its beauty. But reading this kind of news only scares them. :(

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