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Sep 18, 2008

Two plus Two is Five - Teach the alternative now

What are mathematicians afraid of? For years they have brainwashed our children with their atheistic mathematics. We know that the Bible tells us that five loaves and five fishes are able to feed thousands of people. This is FACT, because the Bible tells us that this actually really happened. Yet these same mathematicians would deny the universal truth of Fiveism! They are WORSE than the Evolutionists!

Two plus two equals four they will tell you. And don't you dare ask them to respect your alternative Fiveism world view or tell them that two plus two equals five. We know that some religious sects believe that two plus two equals six of course but the Sixists are wrong in their interpretation of the Holy books even though we still love them dearly because they believe in the great creator ( Bless his noodly appendages)

Where in the Bible does it tell us about the properties of a right angle triangle? Nowhere! Yet these primitive beliefs that came from pre-christian greeks have been handed down to us as though they are gospel and our children are not allowed to question these unfounded assertions.

Mathematicians try to baffle us with Atheistic rationality and logic and claim that they can prove these things but this is rubbish. When you have studied this like I have done you will realise that even the mathematicians don't agree on the properties of triangles. Its all THEORY !! Its not FACT like the Bible!

They teach our children that the angles in a triangle always add up to the same number but THEY DONT ! In other types of spaces they add up to different numbers! But do they teach our children in their primary classes about such non-euclidean spaces? No they do not. Because they know that their mathematics is based on lies and they don't want our children to know this.

What does ten sheep and ten sheep equal for example? These mathematicians will tell you that it equals twenty sheep ! But this is atheist propaganda! Ten sheep and ten sheep equals A FLOCK OF SHEEP !!! The Bible says nothing about ten sheep but it does tell us about flocks of sheep and the Bible is HIS word.

We must demand equal time for the teaching of Fiveism in the Bible and challenge the hold of these atheist mathematicians on the minds of our children. Just think of the wonders our engineers could perform if they were properly educated in Fiveism! Why , with five bricks and five nails they could build five thousand houses! Praise the Lord!

So join the campaign for Fiveism and don't let these atheist mathematicians ruin your children's morals!


Looney said...

Hmmm. It looks like you are starting to get the idea of fundamentalist mathematics, but being on the other side of the pond, you aren't quite familiar with how it has developed.

When my kids were little, they came home crying because they were so bored with the Darwinist mathematics at the local public school. We spent some money for tuition and sent them to a fundamentalist school instead. They were much happier memorizing Bible verses in the original King James English that Moses used and learned variations on the fiveism techniques that you described.

Later we moved to Japan and I put my little ones into a Japanese public school. It is a bit more challenging to handle math word problems in Japanese, especially when the kids were raised with only Chinese and English. Much to the chagrin of the Japanese teachers, my kids came in at the top of the class on math, which was contrary to all their expectations based on comparative studies of math between Japan and America. Little did they know that my kids were equipped with fundamentalist mathematics!

My oldest finished a chemical engineering degree at UC San Diego. The second is chem.e. at UC Los Angeles and the third is electrical engineering at UCLA. UC Berkeley is the only harder public university in the US, but the kids refused to apply there because it is too close to home. Number 4 is the strongest on math, but I am not sure where he is headed yet.

About 100 or more kids went through my fundamentalist Sunday School class with most of them fairly consistently strong on math. Don't underestimate the effectiveness of fiveism!

As a professional using math, what the creationist does when confronted with a 1,000,000 degree-of-freedom least squares problem is to use a direct solve (linear) or a quick iterative method (non-linear) and get a nearly exact solution in a few seconds. Darwinist math requires a genetic algorithm that gives you a crude answer with no error bounds after a few days of messing around.

So yes, I am all in favor of creationist math!

Looney said...

Bunc, I thought you might like to know that what I just described actually has been turned into a formal concept called the Salem Hypothesis.

Of all the academic disciplines, engineering requires by far the most discipline and use of applied mathematics - and this is where you tend to find the creationists! As the article notes, however, the academics overlooked the obvious explanations for why engineers tend to be creationist and concocted some rather imaginative alternatives.

Bunc said...

Ha yes I had read the Salem Hypothesis before. All of which proves that you dont necessarily have to understand science as discipline to do engineering as long as you can work with thr formulas ;-)

In toungue in cheek equation form;

Creationist + facts + read Bible = "It was God what done it cos it says so in the Bible."

with the solution arrived at her hmmm.... by direct solve (linear) or a quick iterative method (non-linear) and .... solution in a few seconds ( which exactly matches their preconceptions.)

(Scientist + facts + thinking + experiment + observation) - existing theory = theory gap

(Use theory gap and refine existing theory ad ininitum until theory gap tends to zero.)

I thought you would like Fiveism by the way.

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