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May 5, 2009

God has the all the best tunes - so far

There's an old saying that God has all the best tunes. That was probably true given that Western Music emerged from singing in Churches and continued its association with religion down the ages.

However in the twentieth century we had the outbreak of "the devils music". With African rooted rhythms and the emergence of blues, Jazz and a myriad of other styles of popular western music we had a music which was no longer religious but was quite secular. Attempts by the religious to colonise pop and rock music have been fairly unsuccessful and often Christian rock groups simply end up seeming tame camp and fairly uninspiring.

We don't often hear avowedly Atheist Music though. I got the link for the following video via the Friendly Atheist ( I'll update this with his link).

On the evidence of this video there is some atheist Music out there. The arrangement reminds me of a UK group called the Specials and the two tone label ( if I remember right).

Its about as persuasive as "Christian rock" though. I would still prefer my music untainted by proselytising for any side but I guess you have to play the believers at their own game.

1 comment:

Looney said...

I have a very fuzzy memory that the church originally protested that the organ was the devil's instrument because it was invented by a pagan ... perhaps Aristotle?

One of the best atheists works is Beethoven's 9th symphony.

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