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Dec 5, 2008

Eyeless in Ayrshire

It's amazing how much you can abuse your own body while you are in bed. Er, no hang on that doesn't sound right. Let me explain...

You see I am typing this with only one eye functioning at the moment. A couple of days ago I got an acute pain in my eye and thought I had something in it. After rubbing and fussing with it a bit it wasn't getting any better so I just left it and hoped that my eye would water and dislodge whatever it was. That didn't work either. By yesterday morning having had a very disturbed nights sleep I woke with it really gowping and I couldn't concentrate on anything. Nothing for it, I would be forced to seek .... oh no! ... medical attention!

I started with my GP surgery. Ten minutes down the road, a five minute wait and the practice Nurse saw me. One look and she tells me that I am better going to Accident and Emergency. So away I drive 15 miles to the hospital trying to make sure I don't knock anyone down on the way. I did have a bit of a wait there. About an hour and a half to see the first consultant who muttered something about an ulcer and said she was sending me straight to the ophthalmic consultant.

Along I toddle to the other side of the hospital. They didn't have an emergency surgery that day but said they would fit me in at the end of the clinic and so after another hour and a half I was seen.

According to the consultant it seems my eye must have dried up while I was sleeping and when I woke the first morning my eyelid had probably pulled skin from my eyeball. Fortunately it didn't seem to have become badly infected so I was sent on my way with ointments and a return appointment. It's still pretty sore but getting better. The cost of all this? Nothing. Well apart from my taxes of course.

So I am not completely eyeless. (I just liked the ring of that post title.)

What have I learned from all this? First that our dear National Health Service is still fully functioning. Although I had a bit of a wait they were all very nice and treated me great. Second that I am glad I don't live in a country where the first thing you have to think about when you get ill is how you are going to pay the medical bill.

And finally that it's amazing how much you can abuse your own body just lying in bed sleeping on your own. (Ok, I knew that already.)


Delirious said...

Ouch....eye injuries are SO painful! I hope it heals fast and you don't have any further problems.

Marf said...

Wow, a trip to the ER would probably be $500 easy in this town. And you'd still have to wait like you did. In the US, it is the cost of medical that stops you from seeking it, even if you may need it.

I hope your vision will return to normal. It's a real pain to only see partially out of one eye, and fine out of the other. Totally screws up your depth perception and can give headaches or sore eyes.

I should know, the optic nerve for my left eye never did fully develop, so I've always had crappy, blurry vision out of it. I don't get headaches, but my eyes are often sore. I think because I grew up with it, I've managed to compensate for the depth perception issue... usually.

Looney said...

My wife just had her eye checked for cataracts. *Poof* $900 gone just to find out that yes, she has cataracts, but they can't operate for several more years. Our system is completely dysfunctional, even when you do have insurance.

The US won't nationalize the health industry, however, because the trial lawyers make billions suing for malpractice. Medical malpractice by government employed doctors is impossible - by definition - so we must retain a private system with suable doctors.

keeperoflegends said...

Let us not forget the cost of medication on top of what it costs us here in the states for medical help

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