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May 13, 2009

Lorry overturns and crashes on A70

There was an accident on the A70 today which I came upon as I was travelling to work.

The accident appeared to involve a lorry which had overturned on what is a bad bend on this road. The A70 is fairly well used by lorries as there is an opencast nearby and also a freight depot not far from where this accident occurred. I dont know if anyone was hurt in the accident as I simply took these two pictures and then turned around so that I could find another route. If the driver of the lorry wasn't hurt then he is a very lucky man. The accident happened not far from Glespin. Usually I dont have my camera with me but I did this time as I had decided to start taking pics of some of the scenery on my route to work. More of which later.


Looney said...

You probably have some really nice countryside views this time of year.

rummuser said...

You and Looney are inspiring me to get myself a digital camera and lug it wherever I go. Not that I go out much, but some of the photos that Looney posts and these two photos show what is possible.

Marf said...

Reduce Speed Now

Or else you'll hit the emergency vehicles.

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