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May 14, 2009

Ayrshire Photo - towards Muirkirk

Photo of Ayrshire - river valley towards Muirkirk I took this photo the same day as the photos of the lorry crash that I posted previously. ( the date on the photo is wrong - it was the 13th - I had not set the camera right.)

This was on my way home from work on the same route - the A70 between Glespin and Muirkirk. This is in many ways fairly typical Ayrshire scenery.

This part of Ayrshire is rural but over many years there was mining and other industry which now forms a sort of industrial archaeology in the area. A railway line once ran through this valley I believe and there are signs of old mine workings. In many ways I think this gives the area character.

There are modern open cast mines in the area which are being actively worked and these aren't so scenic although they do have to be landscaped once they are finished. The camera really doesn't do full justice to this view which was taken in the evening around 7pm I think - there was a golden glow to the light which is not infrequent in the evenings here. I have some photos somewhere which have captured that golden light really well but I cant find them. I will just need to take some more.


Delirious said...

This looks very much like where I live. Maybe I should post some pictures too. :) Oh, but our area only looks that green in the winter. Come summer, it all turns brown.

Marf said...

I've got to get my butt in gear and start posting the photos I took on my vacation (sorry, holiday).

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