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Mar 12, 2006

Irene Lorimer OAP charges!

We reported previously on the case of the Mr and Mrs Lorimer from Maybole Ayrshire who had been prosecuted for abusing foster children in their care after the adult survivors of their abuse gave witness against them in court. The disgraceful outcome of that case was that they recieved a derisory Community Service sentence rather than a custoial sentence.

They are now embroiled with charges that Mrs Lorimer has abused an elderly neighbour. South Ayrshire Council Social Work staff catalogued a series of abuses;

Irener Lorimer kicking the old ladies caliper and verbally abusing her.
Mrs Lorimer grabbing her and shouting at her to F******g pee
Mrs Lorimer raisning her hand as if to strike the old lady.
It is claimed that the old lady signed her house over to the Lorimer's sons.

Mrs Lorimer is a retired Nurse and her husband a former teacher at Auchinleck Academy Ayrshire. Had they been jailed in the previous court case they might not have had the opportunity to make anyone else's life a misery.
The Canadian nephew of 75 year old Margaret Richmond, the latest alleged victim, discovered the abuse and reported the matter to the Canadian police.
He was highly critical of South Ayrshire Social services and of the Police in Ayrshire.

South Ayrshire Council Social Services have reportedly applied for Guardianship of the old lady citing three incidents witnessed by her carers and the police have now charged Irene Lorimer with assault.

But the question remains to be answered. Why did it need a relative coming from Canada to report the matter to Canadian Police to get action taken about this alleged crime?

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