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Sep 28, 2010

RepairPal - can we have this please?

We are all so dependant on our cars these days that having car problems is a real pain in the backside. Even more of a pain can be finding a car repair shop that you trust to give you a quote that you can be confident isn't overinflated.  Well as usual US Internet entrepreneurs seem to be way ahead of us in using the web to solve these kinds of problems.

Repairpal is a site where you can get an auto repair estimate. You can compare any estimate that you have been given with their estimate and take account of the advice that they give on auto repair jobs. They have what looks like an extensive directory of US Auto Repair shops and searches that can be matched to car makes as well if your looking for a specialist.  Checking, for example, their Chicago auto repair listings they had pages upon page of repair shops listed with information about the particular makes and types of servicing and repair they specialise in.

Another good feature of the site is their encyclopedia which allows you to search for problems and tips like , for example, a page describing how to check engine light.

I have searched for a UK equivalent of this site and I can't find one which seems a real gap. Possibly there may be something like this over here and they just haven't done enough marketing on it yet.

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