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Mar 30, 2007

Scottish Elections Blog round up Fri 3oth March

A round up of blog postings on Scottish Election issues:

A Green Party activist notes that " postings from party political types ... may be thin on the ground at the moment as we are in the period for nominations (until 4th April) for the forthcoming elections in May. Local politicos are running round getting their signatories and filling in forms to deliver to their local council officers before the deadline."

An Expat in Spain says he is confused because "In Scotland, the latest opinion polls suggest a thumping victory for the Scottish Nationalist Party in the May elections. On the other hand, they also show reducing support for independence." Could this be because the high support that is being registered for the SNP is not about support for Independence but more about an expression of dissatisfaction with Labour? Perhaps also because their own favourite economics expert has claimed there is a black hole in SNP economic plans.

Edward Still, an attorney from Birmingham Alabama, posts to say that he is travelling to Scotland to observe the May elections and that as part of his "self study" before the trip he is reading up on the election and the voting system. A word of advice for you Edward - you will probably need more than a few weeks to understand the new election voting system. Maybe you would be better postponing the trip until the next election - we might all understand it by then!

Armchair General, from the USA commenting on an article discussing the potential for break up of the UK in the event of an SNP win writes;
"Might be a good thing for Scotland in the long run.In the short run I'm guessing it would be utterly disastrous, which might hopefully force the Scots back to reality, and away from the welfare state Scotland seems to have become. If they wean themselves off their addiction with socialism, maybe Scotland will have a renaissance comparable to their golden age of Smith, Maxwell, and co."

An ethics professor in Glasgow writing in his blog decides have a go at the Scottish Christian Party who are apparently fielding candidates in the election. Now while we entirely agree with his point of view we think it a little unfair that he has decided to so publicly pick on the feeble minded in this way. Surely even the Scots couldn't be lured into voting for such a bunch of numptees could they?

More - next time.

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