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Mar 1, 2007

Controversial Israeli Eurovision song

Israel are going to provoke controversy at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest after the public voted for a song by Teapacks called ‘Push the Button’ about nuclear annihilation.
The country’s entry to this year’s contest is supposed to be a response to Iran’s nuclear ambitions and their president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
Teapacks say they want to push the boundaries of what is acceptable.
The song lyrics include “The world is full of terror, if someone makes an error, he’s going to blow us up till Kingdom come. " and “There are some crazy rulers, they hide and try to fool us, with demonic, technological willingness to harm.”
Singer Kobi Oz said: “The idea is to do something that crosses the accepted norms.” The entry received a huge percentage of the vote when it went up to a public vote in Isreal.

Just what we need - more fuel on the Middle East fire - and all for the sake of selling a few records. The surreal thing about the Isreali choice is that it is in fact Israel itself which is the only Middle East state that currently has nuclear weapons. The irony of this would though surely be lost on the Israeli's.

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