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Aug 7, 2007

Back and raging: Brit army to abandon interpreters

The Ayrshire blog has had a quiet spell recently. This was in part due to dear old Google who for some reason decided that this was a spam blog. Now anyone who has actually read a spam blog will know one when they see one. Typically they are mostly ads and the little content they contain is frequently copied from elsewhere. So it was a bit of surprise to find this blog tagged by Google as a Spam blog.

So there was little choice but to just sit back and wait until Google reviewed this blog and decided that it was indeed kosha and not spam. So there you are. Back to having to feed the old blog monster with words.

Two things caught my attention recently. One was an item on a radio program from a journalist who at one point used to write an opinion column for the Glasgow Herald. Apparently there is a well know syndrome for new columnists who hit "the wall" after about three months of writing a column. It seems that most people have about three months worth of opinion in them. After that? Well they kind of dry up or end up repeating themselves.

It got me thinking - this blog is certainly more than three months old so maybe I have avoided "the wall" - but there's always the possibility that I just end up endlessly repeating myself.

Another interesting comment in that program was that the act of writing an opinion column meant that the journalist always had to have an opinion or a strong view on events and issues. They felt this carried over into their private lives and they found themselves taking stances on things that they wouldn't normally have taken a strong opinion on.

Is this a problem for me? Well not really - I have always been an opinionated bugger.

Talking about strong opinions I have just read a piece in The Times that suggests that the British Army will abandon Iraqi interpreters when it pulls out of Basra. This of course will for many of them amount to a death sentence.

I was speechless when I read this and find it difficult to express how angry this makes me. These men risked life and limb helping our soldiers and we propose to abandon them? This is so utterly despicable and morally indefensible that its hard to know where to begin in criticising it. If this is indeed what happens then we will carry the shame of such an act for many many years.


Anonymous said...

western nations.... its peoples brainwashed over hundreds of years with religious bullshit...as ever jesus jesus jesus christian christian christian catholic catholic catholic,damage to brain be great as beyond measure,hence it BEING little wonder one keeps repeating one'self..differ point of view as one you put on IRAQI interpreters..they did take sides with an occuping army which caused appalling destruction SANCTIONS DEPRIVATION OF BASIC NEEDS, FOOD WATER, MEDICINE,BOMBINGS.HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF IRAQ'S PEOPLE SLAUGHTERED,AFGHANISTAN SIMILAR.. TENS OF THOUSANDS SLAUGHTERED,MAN WOMAN AS CHILD NON SHOWN MERCY.... YOU SAY IT BE SHAME THE WAY IRAQI INTERPRETERS TREATED.....MANY NOT SHARE YOUR POINT OF VIEW...RATHER GREAT THE SHAME THE DESTRUCTION SLAUGHTER COMMITTED AGIN IRAQ'I PEOPLE'S AS AFGHAN BY USA AS UK..

Bunc said...

Certainly people have been brainwashed by Christianity but no more or less so than those who are brainwashed by Islam and Islamic fundamentalism.
As for the debacle in Iraq what is clear is that it is a combination of tribalism, Islamic findmentalism, gangsterism, interference by Iran, ex-Baathist isnurgency and shia leaders using violence in the struggle for power that is behind almost all the violence. Basically it is a case of Islamic "brother" killing Islamic "brother". Whatever happened during the war the Iraqis had the chance afterwards to vote for a stable future for their country. They chose instead to vote on tribal and religious grouunds and they are now reaping the whirlwind of this choice.

The fact that Sunny leaders in Anbar province are now co-operating in fighting Al Qaeda and that Moqtada al Sadr has stood down the Mahdi Army may suggest that some common sense is beggininng to emerge. If Iraqi's want peace they must press all their leaders to engage in non-sectarian resolution.

Only the wilfully blind could fail to see that Iraqs c urrent crisis is one of Islamic sectarianism and fundamentalism.

The US culppability in this was that they allowed the situation to run out of control after winning the immediate war against the Iraqi Army. For this Rumsfeld is undoubtedly one of the main offenders. He was warned by many that reducing the US invasion army to a "lean mean fighting machine" might well win a spectacular military victory but that extra troops would be needed to win the piece. His spectacular arrogance however lead him to ignore this advice.

Anonymous said...

Islam grew in opposition against increasing appalling brutality of christianity.Western nations as now spurned on by the halfbaked in religious beliefs used as a cover to rob as murder,leaving a trail of death destruction across then the known world.In not destroying other turned barbaric mentallity, on then as now on the known world. AS PRESENT TIMES SHOW THERE BE LITTLE CHANGE RESULT OF LACKING MUCH NEEDED DEVELOPMENT OF BRAIN FREEDOM FROM MANY MANY GENERATIONS BROUGHT BY IN BEING THE PRODUCT OF HALFBAKED RELIGIOUS BRAINWASHING, AS CORRUPT TEACHINGS OVER HUNDREDS OF YEARS.AS PRESENT TIMES WESTERN NATIONS CONTINUE TO TO FORM AS IN NATURE LEAVING A TRAIL WORLDWIDE OF APPALLING BRUTALITY INHUMANITY.

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