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Feb 3, 2011

Regime in Egypt claims black is white

The dreadful violence last night and today in Tahir Square, Cairo, showed clearly that the Mubarak regime are prepared to unleash total disorder on the streets of Egypt in order to ensure their own survival. The timing of the violence so soon after Mubaraks speech was no coincidence. It is clear that the regime organised the violent protests in an attempt to force the pro-democracy protesters from Tahir square, the place which has become so symbolic of the "Lotus Revolution".

In his speech, Mubarak tried to claim that his presence was necessary in order to ensure that Egypt didn't descend into chaos and then, as if to prove his point, his supporters unleashed an incredible assault on the democracy movement shortly afterwards. This was a blatant attempt to convince other citizens that the country was at risk of violent chaos because of the demonstrations.

Today the recently appointed puppet Suleiman gave a long interview on Egyptian TV and tried to suggest that he and the regime were shocked by the violence and that they would track down the instigators. If they wish to do this they might start by rounding up the Egyptian police who were clearly orchestrating much of the violence. The pro-democracy protesters managed to capture many of these thugs and were able to identify them by their ID cards.

Clearly aware that it was losing the public relations battle due to the presence of the worldwide media and the live streaming of TV images of the violence the regime has unleashed its thuggish followers against the media itself.  ABC World news has compiled a list of reporters and journalists who have been subject to assaults in Egypt and it is clear that these are not isolated incidents but part of an organised and systematic attempt to drive the media from the streets and prevent them reporting what is happening.

Suleiman today tried to claim that while the pro-democracy protesters had legitimate demands that were being listened to they were also being influenced by unnamed outside forces. This was a clear attempt to fire a shot across the bows of other governments who have demanded an end to the violent anti-revolutionary actions.

According to Mubarak and his regime only they can defend Egypt from the chaos that we have seen -despite the fact that they are the direct cause of this chaos. Clearly the Egyptian government wants the world and its own people to believe that black is white. We aren't fooled.

Update: Some interesting links about the Egypt revolution. I'll update this further as I spot good links this evening.
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I must note that Aljazeera's coverage of the events in Egypt has been exemplary and it's no wonder that the Mubarak regime are singling Aljazeera out for particular attention.

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