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Nov 30, 2009

Royal Society Trailblazing Online archive

If you are interested in Science and the history of science then you should check out the new online website from the Royal Society who have made some key papers available from the archive of the Journal Philosophical Transactions available. There are lots of fascinating papers available from very early papers in 1666 right up to more recent times.

One of the papers that caught my eye is by R A Fischer entitled "On the Mathematical Foundations of Theoretical Statistics". Fischer was a giant in the field of statistics and contributed significantly to the statistical foundations of modern biology.

There is also an interesting 1822 article ( Buckland) on the discovery of Elephant, Rhino and other fossilised remains in a cave in Yorkshire. Buckland was apparently a believer in the Noah Flood Bible story. He compares the findings to discoveries in other caves in the UK and on the continent.

This site is well worth a visit.


Looney said...

That is a wonderful link. Many good papers. The one I really want to go through in detail is on verifying the predictions made by Einstein's theory of relativity.

Bunc said...

Yes it really is a site that appeals to ones inner-geek isnt it?

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