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Nov 10, 2008

Mars Phoenix rover is dead RIP

In Martian fields of red blown dust and rock,
there lies a Phoenix bird, t'was neither hen nor cock,
but metal, cold and lifeless, now it cannot fly,
with the fading of a distant sun it's time for it to die.

The song it sang through Martian summer days
through black and empty space where radiation plays
was heard by men who made the bird by hand
then turned to wonderous pictures of that distant Martian land.

The Phoenix is dead, and will not rise again in flame.
The Phoenix is dead, and though it dies alone there is no shame.
The Phoenix is dead, cold on martian soil it lays to rest.
The Phoenix is dead, of human will it demonstrates the best.


Anonymous said...

DAMNIT! NASA was well aware that temperature was a huge factor, but I was expecting a few more months out of my baby... 2 months past expectancy is really good though. May he find evidence of water in Rover heaven...

Delirious said...

Eons from now, some civilization is going to find it and believe that intelligent life existed on Mars. ;)

I didn't know you were such a poet! Good job. :)

Marf said...

They knew it wouldn't survive the Martian winter.

@ Delirious: lol, you've got a point there. There's a program onboard that in the event of recharging the batteries, it will try to send a signal back to Earth. Perhaps eons from now it will manage to send out a message and aliens will detect it and investigate.

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