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Dec 19, 2009

Copenhagen Climate Changes Nothing

It looks as if the climate change sceptics will be happy with the outcome of the Copenhagen summit because despite the warm words about a "compromise" having been reached at the summit it doesn't look as if an agreement with any real substance or real commitment to binding action has emerged.

Many people will be bitterly disappointed at a lack of decisive action by world leaders and now wonder if it is possible for the world to take effective concerted action on the issue or if we are simply going to now sleepwalk into what increasingly looks likely to be a dangerous future.

What is sad is the failure of imagination. A failure to grasp that there was an opportunity through action on climate change not only to put our use of resources onto a more long term sustainable footing but also to lay the foundations of more just and possibly more stable international relations built around real shared common interest for the future.

At this point I almost begin to hope that there has been a vast international conspiracy of science to "cook the books" on human driven climate change - because if there hasn't been such a conspiracy then future generations will inherit a very different and a much more unpleasant world.


Delirious said...

Hey! You chastized me for having conspiracy theories! Does this mean you are turning conservative? :P

Bunc said...

D - I think you misread what I wrote. I wa sugetsing I hope there has been a cosnpiracy because other wise we are in deep doo doo. Personally I think we are indeed in deep doo doo now. There has been a leak of a document from Copenhagen which suggests that even if they had agreed a firm deal then we would still be facing rises of 3deg c

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