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Mar 3, 2007

UK Cash for honours- hints of a prosecution

The first flutterings in the wind suggesting that a prosecution may follow from the cash for honours police enquiry have been detected.
The BBC is reporting that the Attorney General , at the Royal Courts of Justice in London on Friday night, obtained an injunction against the BBC to stop it broadcasting an item about the cash for honours investigation.
Lord Goldsmith's office said he had acted "completely independently of government" on the matter. The BBC claimed that its reporting of the story was a matter of public interest.

In a joint statement the attorney general's office and the Metropolitan Police said the application by the Attorney General Lord Goldsmith was made "at the specific request of and in co-operation with the police because of their concerns that the disclosure of certain information at this stage would impede their inquiries...The attorney general acted in this respect completely independently of government, and in his independent public interest capacity."

The Attorney General is supposed to act in the public interest, and to ensure that no possible prosecution is prejudiced or that no possible defence to a prosecution is prejudiced. The leader of the Liberal Democrats Sir Menzies Campbell has commented that the fact that he felt it necessary to seek this injunction may indicate that the Attorney General contemplates the possibility that a prosecution of some kind will follow.

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