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Apr 7, 2010

Same old Conservatives

He's a nice man. He's a very very nice man. That at least is what David Cameron of the Conservatives seems to want the the public to think of him. He's has spent much time and energy trying to persuade us that he's just "dave" an ordinary bloke who will run the country for "ordinary" people. He must think we're daft.

The reality is that while on the surface the Tories have tried to shake of their image as the nasty party - the legacy of Thatcherism - they are still under the skin a party that will always put the interests of the rich and powerful before the interests of the ordinary working people of this country.

Whichever party wins the election it is certain that there will have to be action taken to reduce government borrowing. The question is not if this needs to be done but how quickly and where any budget cuts should be targeted.

The Conservatives have promised to reduce inheritance tax - a measure that will save money for relatively few individuals. This is merely a taste of what will be coming if the Tories get in. They will cut taxes for the rich and protect their perks while bearing down even harder on the rest of us by way of budget cuts and tax rises such as VAT.

The last time we had a conservative government they left this area a wasteland - devoid of industry and jobs. Hopefully people will see beyond the phony "nice Dave" image and remember that the conservatives are still in business to protect the interests of the wealthy and powerful.


Looney said...

I saw an article with them talking about "hope and change". Left me feeling the UK would be better off without them!

Bunc said...

Thats certainly something I agree with Looney.

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