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Nov 20, 2008

My Native American Name

I suppose if the cap fits then I must wear it.

Apparently my Native American Name Is...

Inteus Machakw
Which means: Shameless Horny Toad

Thanks to Monique at MyEscapeHatch for posting the link.


rummuser said...

Pannoowau Yancy

It apparently means: Lying Englishman! Good Lord!! I am in communication with an Ayrshireman at that!!

Delirious said...

Have you ever seen a horned toad? We used to catch them as children. If you rub their tummy, they play dead. They also can spit something at you if you make them mad. Any similarities there? ;)

Okay, my name is:

Meoquanee Liluye

Your name means: Red Wearing Singing Chicken Hawk that Soars

I'm glad I'm a chicken hawk and not just a chicken.

Shameless Horny Toad said...

Hmm. Certainly sounds like me.
I love the translation of your name - we get seven english words from a seven syllable two word native American name. Thats what I call an efficient language.

I get a mental picture of a sort of superman ( or superwoman) of the chicken hawk world soaring aloft with a flowing red cape.

Oh how you must look down on us lowly shameless horny toads!

Delirious said...

I only have one word to say:


rummuser said...

You can get yourself a Chinese name too. Just visit http://www.mandarintools.com/

Looney said...

Mine is:

Wahkah Pahana: Sacred Lost White Brother.

Heh! Based on Pirates of the Caribbean, I guess that means I get sacrificed!

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