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Feb 9, 2009

Gordon Brown -Another Tourettes outburst

In my last post I pointed out that Gordon Brown, or the "Scottish Idiot" as Jeremy Clarkson calls him, seems to have a political version of Tourettes syndrome resulting in him always saying the very thing that a politician should just not say. No sooner has my keyboard cooled down than Brown is at it again.

This time according to Brown;

"We are leading the world in sweeping away the old short term bonus culture of the past and replacing it with a determination that there are no rewards for failure and rewards only for long-term success."

Leading the world? Leading the world???? Browns constant references to the UK leading the world in this financial crisis sound like a sick joke. He has already been mocked for his "saving the world" slip and you would think that he would want to avoid any remark that might tend to reinforce the view that he is pompous and out of touch.

I am reminded here of the scene in the film "Meet the Fockers" were the baby learns it's first word. Brown you are an ....

asshoooooole !

Not only has he had another tourette-like outburst of "leading the world" pomposity but he has gifted his opponents the strongest soundbite against him they could ever wish for.

Gordon is determined that there should be "no rewards for failure" ?! - Hmmm , I wonder what line his political opponents will use against him at the next Election?

Imagine their election posters - "No votes for labour - No reward for failure".

Personally I can't stand the Tories, I can barely hold my dinner down when listening to those nationalist muppets and the Lib Dems are still far too lightweight. I just don't know who the hell I will be able to support come the next election.


Looney said...

Aren't you being a bit hard on him? Obama just claimed that the stimulus bill going through congress is the first Halal (no pork) spending bill in the history of the United States, but no one even noticed.

Eve L. said...

Heh. Why did I have to look in a Scottish blog to hear Obama's spending bill described as Halal?

Marf said...

I wouldn't say the UK is leading the world... I'd say the US is leading the world INTO this financial crisis.

Damnit... Reading that article that Looney linked to talks about the infamous Bridge to Nowhere that was proposed in my town.

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